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Before acquiring Ln4, we were looking for a "project management tool" to keep track of our management objects, projects and tasks, resources and time reporting. In Ln4 we found what we were looking for and much more.

Ln4 solves our needs in several different areas. We use the system primarily for
* Portfolio management
* Planning and follow-up of management plans, assignments, projects
* Budget follow-up and forecasting
* Follow-up of effect goals and deliveries for management objects, projects
and assignments, but also for various developed strategies
* Resource management, occupancy, planning in assignments, time reporting,
cost of resources
* Status reporting

Ln4 can easily be adapted to your needs. For example, we have PPS as a project model and there is built-in support for its processes. Easy to use, accommodating and accessible supplier and the possibility of customization.

"LN4 is a very pleasant organization to work with. We were looking for a new scheduling tool, our old one was getting outdated regarding changed privacy regulations. Because of the size of the company behind that former tool, we often had to wait long before our questions/ issues were addressed.

Ln4 is a company with very short lines. We usually get a quick reply that our questions are under investigation and the actual solution is also within days, depending on the complexity of course.
The basis of LN4 is well thought out, very intuitive to use and therefor user friendly. LN4 developed some extra features for us, like a visual planboard with drag and drop possibilities and an alert system for labor law violoation (that would be easy to adjust when laws or regulations within our company change).
I was guided throughout the building of our database. By explaining how we organise the work and by answering questions from LN4, they got a good sight on how we should structure the system for our specific company. Once ready it is very easy to show to new user.

In short; LN4 is a highly service oriented company with lots of knowledge on the subject of project management and scheduling. I am happy they came on our way!"

Georg Silber, Ln4 solutions has been a supplier to me for many years and has supported me and my assignments with knowledge, experience and system solutions that include, portfolio, programs, and project management. The most recent assignment included resource, delivery planning and follow-up in the logistics area for a customer in the aviation industry.
Georg is a very seasoned and experienced executive exhibiting both breadth and dept. With an inspiring commitment and leadership, he has always unreservedly been a speaking partner supported me in many my challenges over the years. It is very satisfying to be able to give him and his systems solutions my highest recommendations.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information if needed.

cell: +46 73 511 19 62

As a consultant, I had an established way of approaching my projects, using Excel extensively. When I met Georg Silber in a network who told me about Ln4, I decided to give it a try. With the Ln4 tool and Georg as PT, it turned out that not only did I get a good overview of my project but also valuable input. Something I discovered that I missed as a self-employed person working in projects with larger companies. Now I have both order and order in my projects and a really professional sounding board available.

With LeanFour and my project management PT, I can

  • Stop using my Excel watch and instead work completely digitally with the timer function.
  • By entering the budget and total working time for the project, I see how to allocate hours and costs to work profitably within the client's budget.
  • I can easily show my client how the project is progressing and what happens to the schedule and costs if new tasks are added as time goes on.
  • Using Ln4 extracts as a delivery note/attachment to my invoice so the customer sees exactly what they are paying for.
  • Get good feedback and input from my PT to further sharpen my work towards a desired result.
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During my time as project manager in the steel group Outokumpu, I ran an extensive SAP project where the goal was to get all sales companies and the sales departments working directly from the steel mills to work with one system (SAP) and with common processes. I took over a failed project that had gone over budget and there was no clear forecast of how much time or resources were left to achieve the goal. In this situation, I enlisted the help of Georg Silber and with his help I was given excellent tools to..:

  • Structure activities to achieve objectives and milestones.
  • Balance activities against resources to produce realistic plans.
  • Monitor the progress of the project and see in a simple and clear way where the problems were and a good idea of the causes.

For more details and further information I am at your disposal.
Jan Värmon