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Project tools and resource planning
for greater efficiency and profitability

Choose Ln4 Solutions as your partner!

PT for project managers

With access to a personal trainer, each junior project manager can quickly handle project planning and accounting according to ISO21500 like a senior project manager. Our PT has the project systems that the project manager needs to use.

Resource owner's advantage

In order to be accountable for their resource commitment and occupancy, each line manager needs to have a real-time aggregated view of each person directly linked to planned project or team participation. This picture is available in LeanFour™ TP3

Interim Project Office Manager

Without burdening you with processes or administration. At Ln4 Solutions, we take care of all the practicalities for each role that needs to submit information digitally. Let us manage your project office as a service. We use our proprietary software.

Project maturity analysis

In the absence of project maturity, operations are without thoroughly consistent governance. Our analysis reports the degree of governance for each individual project. Which allows improvement work to be done with laser precision by a PT.    

Proof Of Concept

A POC can be based on one or a few projects, or the resources working on the projects themselves can plan the allocation of their working time to existing projects. Bottom up, a mirror image of the organisation is then created in LeanFour™ TP3.

Project manager's advantage

With LeanFour™ TP3, project managers have full visibility of the outcome and progress of their project, can demonstrate a plan to complete their project to the ISO21500 project standard with simple resource planning and all data around the project objectives.

Self-managing employees

With the digitisation of project and resource planning in LeanFour™ TP3, each employee can plan their own workload by scheduling their participation in projects and teams. In addition, each person can set aside vacation days as schedulable and keep track of their flex and compensatory time.  

When value is created by individuals

Resource planning is the key to successfully managing an operation through projects.
LEAN is to discourage waste of valuable resources. In many project-organized operations (even agile ones), the waste represents 2 - 3 working hours for each person every working day.

Solutions for Teamwork®

Is our own project model that is free and fully digitised in the project tool. Other project models and frameworks such as PRINCE2 and PPS (requires license) are also included digitized. The digitisation means that the word templates that make up governance documents appear instead as forms linked to the database.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Services from Ln4 solutions AB aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of resources working on projects. Innovative thinking and a new paradigm greatly simplifies resource planning and the allocation of resources within budget and paid assignments. PMOaaS is a project tool with methods adapted to today's employees who demand a new way of working and want to be involved in planning their time and work. Monitoring must be fact-based and transparent, which involves managers in a new and more value-productive way while relieving managers of all planning.

Ln4 Solutions offers a free efficiency analysis based on your data.



Complete PMO service

Ln4 solutions with partners offers complete accountability for resource planning and monitoring of projects and service time. The service can be performed in collaboration with the client's own staff or as an external outsourcing. Monitoring must also be fact-based and transparent, which involves managers in a new and more value-productive way. The founders of the company have a very long experience in methods, systems and project tools for controlling projects.

Let us make your business more profitable with Interim PMO Manager and PT for Project Managers services.

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