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Internal Debiting & LEAN

Internal charging promotes LEAN capacity planning. LEAN is intended to counteract wastage of capacity. In many project-organised operations (including agile), wastage is equivalent to 2 - 3 working hours of each person each working day. (No - Lean does not mean optimizing flow, other than in... Read more "Internal Charging & LEAN

KPI for quality assurance

LeanFour™ stands for Resource Planning, Digitised Project Management Model and Portfolio Management The new release has an integrated quality assurance function. A model and tool provides the ability to apply successful techniques but does not ensure that they are used. We know that projects that apply the success factors... Read more "KPI for quality assurance

Is it possible to plan projects without breaking down work into activities?

As we know, there are many aspects to the reasons why projects fail or are simply delayed. The underlying causes are a multifaceted story where there are many different opinions. But what is clear is that business-oriented and "customer-oriented" project managers are more successful. Delays... Read more "Can you plan projects without breaking down work into activities?