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Project office as a service

Ln4 Solutions and its partners can provide your project office as a subscribed service at a fixed price. This means no overall administration for you or no own time at all except for the tasks of a manager.

Because a project office should not be a governing body, nor should it have any managerial responsibility. The task is to ensure that all decision-making documents are complete and accurate. This includes all project planning and follow-up together with the planned use of resources in balance with the availability of resources and line work. Furthermore, a project office must ensure that the management function has access to analyzed and accurate data for its decisions. The service includes training all managers and decision-makers to fulfill their governance role. With the transparency provided by the LeanFour TP3 cloud service, there is no need for micro-management, and you can apply self-management with full confidence.

The task of achieving a balanced and optimal operation is based on having transparency over the supply of resource hours and control over decided demand. The supply of working time and skills is obtained by summing up all people and their individual working time contracts and the skills needed in the business. Demand is based on business areas and budgets for their respective portfolios and line activities. 

LeanFour™ TP3 has a data architecture that reflects how an organization in reality must always be organized. Two things form the cornerstones. They are Money and Hours. They are both easy to find and describe in a business area. The business area governs through strategic portfolios which are given a budget. This is well exemplified by SAFe with its Lean Portfolio Budget with its periodic management and allocation between initiatives/projects/value streams. Using portfolios of initiatives also provides control over employees, their working hours and utilization. However, these are two different roles and responsibilities. The easiest way to separate them is by applying internal charging.