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Governance means that the management of an organization exercises its responsibility to control and monitor its activities based on verified data. Ln4 Solutions has developed a whole new way of managing project offices and controlling projects through the Solutions for Teamwork® (SofT™) framework designed to allow for easier planning and reporting. We call our consultants PT (personal trainers), just like in a gym, they show how the work is done and as the habit takes hold, the need for support decreases after a while.
We offer a continued commitment by allowing organizations using the LeanFour cloud service to outsource their project office.

The roles found in all matrix organizations are shown in the image with their respective responsibilities. In growing organizations, there are often problems with more than 15-20 people. Either divide the business into isolated business areas with their own staff, known as silos, or create a matrix organization with divided responsibility for projects and portfolios as well as responsibility for resource capacity and occupancy. In order to optimize the benefits and income from the investment in staff, internal charging should be applied. LeanFour TP3 makes it easy to model different matrix organizations and portfolio management.

A complete solution is completed within 6 calendar weeks using our software which also provides a virtual complete project office.