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Post PT to Project Manager

A new way to get started with effective project management - one project at a time or all of them when implementing a complete project office. Please note that there is no need for traditional courses, the 'teaching' is through 'learning by doing' supported by documentation and short instructional videos and direct support from a project PT.

A 'Personal Trainer' (PT) provides the right equipment and fulfills several roles, such as:

  • Mentor and instructor who teaches and explains.
  • Coach who gives feedback and challenges.
  • Change leader who helps the surrounding organization and managers to understand their role as a partner and support to project managers.
  • The following elements are included in the training applied to a real and decided project
  • Inventory/completion of the Project Directive.
  • Establish a baseline plan and plan resources according to the baseline plan.
  • Define the impact objectives, stakeholders and delivery artifacts.
  • Project finances broken down by time and costs and forecast.
  • Status and progress reporting with traffic lights and KPIs.
  • Activity planning using Gantt and Kanban techniques.
  • Risk inventory according to the mini-risk method and ROAM models.