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PL - alone in the saddle

Are you a project manager and want to know how to go from being insecure in your role as a project manager to being proactive and confident?

There is a big difference between leading a large project with many sub-projects where it is more about communication and human leadership and being a sub-project manager or leading an 'everyday project' in a development department. It is in these projects that the value-creating work takes place to deliver the artifacts that are the goal in small and large projects to support the overall impact goal.

The conditions for project managers at this concrete level often have surprisingly poor conditions for making and anchoring a planned implementation - both in terms of resources and the results that constitute the conditions for the impact goals behind the projects. When all sub-projects can be read in the same way based on the same metadata and the same format, the progress reporting for the entire large project becomes a pure aggregation of data into a real decision-making basis for the main project manager.