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The question is - do we need another system for projects?

One answer is no, not for projects perhaps, but that Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) is missing. Current project planning and portfolio management software systems are designed to plan project WBS, but with poor project monitoring and limited portfolio management capabilities. Opportunities to optimise resource use and evaluate resource use efficiency have fallen by the wayside and are lacking. There is also no strategy on how to account for time spent, in what way and what level of accuracy is sufficient and acceptable.

Another factor that in most cases prevents optimal use of resources is lack of clarity between managers at different levels, project managers and team leaders about who plans and who decides and how best to use the time of resources. LeanFour™ is based on the Ln4 Resource Management Wheel model, which has now been developed based on decades of experience in the field. In addition to solving addressed resource management problems, LeanFour™ is also a solution for how a project can transparently account for progress on project objectives, requirements and deliverables with fact-based KPIs and using Earned Value Management.