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KPI for quality assurance

LeanFour™ stands for Resource Planning, Digitised Project Management Model and Portfolio Management

The new release has an integrated quality assurance function. A model and tool provides the opportunity to apply successful techniques but does not ensure that they are used. We know that projects that apply the success factors measured in project maturity surveys are completed more reliably. Project managers will be more motivated to apply the tool's capabilities if checklists can be adapted to the project at hand and the check-off is visible and confirmed.

The new function provides a KPI showing the extent to which this is happening while clarifying the checklist design and item level requirements in a similar way to project maturity studies.

An integrated quality assurance

  • Contributing to more successful projects
  • Creates transparency
  • Guides the level of project management
  • Supporting project managers
  • Is an "Early Warning" systemqa-index newsletter