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Ln4 Solutions AB's services are aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of resources used in projects. An innovative thinking and a new paradigm brings a radical simplification of planning and account of resources' time. Systems and methods are adapted to suit employees of today and their demands of a new way to work and involvement in the planning of their time and their work. Management follow-up must also be based on facts and transparency. The software is an enabler to pursue the dream of Modern Agile.

LN4 Solutions with partners offer the power for you to exercise full responsibility in planning and monitoring of portfolios, projects and working hours. The service can be provided in collaboration with the customer's own staff or as an external Shared Service that also includes not only the software but also methods, a project framework, support by experts. The founders of the company have extensive experience of the methods and systems for controlling projects.

Easy to use software

Lean Four™ TP3 is designed to support each person in their role and is always accessible wherever you are. It is possible to tailor the interface to each customer. You can even create an instruction with function buttons an distribute it as a PDF.

Work is done in and by Teams

Today people want to be apart of a Team that sometime support more than one project. This is a challenge that very few project software can manage. The principles of Lean can be easily applied by working in agile teams. Lean Four™ TP3 fully supports agile environments such as SAFe and methods such as Scrum, DSDS, LeSS, Nexus just to mention a few.

Solutions for Teamwork®

Solutions for Teamwork® is a framework and a model that ensures efficient management of projects and resources. The framework includes the application of techniques and methods that are usually included in the certifications PMP, IPMA , PRINCE2 etc. Especially excels the framework through its model for resource planning that is based on Lean and the task of securing full control of resource use and occupancy towards projects and organizational work.

How hard can it be to …

It will take a couple of years ... . " . I’ve heard this told by less experienced consultants many times during my 40 years in methods and tools. But how hard can it be? There is in fact a simple logistic of hours, structure and processes that handle available hours and requested hours. It is obvious when data and responsibilities are entered in to the structure, into one single database. LeanFour™ TP3 provides full transparency and highlight everything between projects and resources. Within 4 months, it can be done. We have the knowledge, the methods, processes and portfolio framework, but above all - the software needed. We deliver what we promise – you can trust us.

Georg Silber , CEO and co-founder of Ln4 Solutions AB

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